DMA (10)
Nicole Strum, “Luciano Berio's Sequenza VII: Temporal Multiplicity and Alternative Conceptions of Form”, 2012. Nicole teaches at Kwantien Polytechnic University in Vancouver, BC.

Amanda Heim, “Using post-tonal analytical techniques for a better performance of Ida Gotkovsky's Quatour de saxophones” 2011. Amanda teaches saxophone at Gettysburg College.

Arthur White, “Joe Henderson: An analysis of harmony in selected compositions and improvisations” 2008. Arthur is Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Missouri.

Gregg Gelb, “1959 Jazz: A Historical Study and Analysis of Jazz and Its Artists and Recordings in 1959” 2008. Gregg is an adjunct teacher at NC State, directs his own big band, and has a private studio.

Andrew Hays, “A performer's Guide to the Saxophone Music of Sherwood Shaffer” 2007. Drew is professor of music at Guilford College.

Eric Gargrave, “The Use of Saxophone in the dramatic music of Bernstein” 2006. Eric is professor of music at Providence Community College, in Rhode Island.

Tom Lowry. Tom is currently in the US Army Band stationed in Virginia.

David Allen, DMA clarinet. David is the saxophone and clarinet teacher at Radford University.

Matt McClure, DMA. Matt is the saxophone professor and assistant director of bands at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Robert Faub, DMA. Bob is currently the saxophone and music instructor at Highpoint University.

MM (17)
Jared Newlen, 2011 - recently moved to New York, NY and is teaching there.
Nick Pool, 2011 - Member of the US Navy Band stationed in Seattle, WA.
Michael Wittsburger, MM Woodwinds, 2010 - Woodwind specialist, New York City.
Mark Langford, 2010 - US Navy Band.
Ben Crouch, 2009 - Currently a DMA candidate at UNCG.
Jonathan Morrison, 2009 - band director, Virginia.
Joseph Tomasso, 2008 - saxophonist and auxiliary instruments for the Louisville Symphony
Amanda Heim, 2007 - See DMA.
Sean Fredenburg, 2007 - DMA candidate, University of Oregon.
Hung-Chang Wei, 2005 - Electrical engineer, Tapei, Taiwan.
Brent Davis, 2004 - Band director at Mendenhall Middle School in Greensboro.
Sidney Sun, 2004 - Ph.D. candidate in musicology, University of Iowa.
Russel Thorpe, 2003 - has a band and private studio in Oklahoma.
Zach Starkie, 2003 - MM theory
Stephen Katsaounis, 2002 - computer systems specialist at UNC Chapel Hill.
David Wortman,  2002 - High School Band Director n North Carolina.
Stephanie Caulder, MM Woodwinds, 2000 - music professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

BA/BM/BME (50)
Alanna Hawley, BM, 2013
Brandon Noftle, BME 2012 - Band Director, West Forsyth High School.
Peter Salvucci, BM 2012 - MM candidate in ethno-musicology.
Caleb Brown, BME 2011 - Band Director, Albemarle High School
Ryan Redd, BA 2011 - Law student, Washington and Lee University
Robyn Gallaher, BME 2011 - Band Director, Kernodle Middle School.
Bryan Bengel, BM 2011 - Works for Notion Music Software.
David Haynes, BME 2011 - Band Director at Ledford Middle School
Luke Arno, BME 2011 - MM candidate in Theory, UNCG.
Howell Ledford, MME, 2010 - Orchestra director, Career Center High School.
Keenan McKenzie, BM 2009 - MM candidate at NC State.
Dylan Smith, BME 2009 - Band director in NC.
Andy Hall, BM 2008 - MM University of Michigan, has large private studio in Michigan.
Adrien Crutchfield, BM jazz 2007 - Recording engineer in Florida.
Brian Smith, BM/BME 2007
Gordon Sutker, 2007 BM jazz - Currently in the Israeli army.
Paul Fischer, BM jazz 2007
Brandon Tesh, 2007 BM/BME/Jazz - Freelance musician, New York, NY.
Darek Johnson, BA 2006
Michael Griffith, BM, 2006
Kevin Lundy, BME, 2006 - Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.
Steven Dockery, BME, 2006 - Band director, Charlotte.
Christopher Dickhaus, BM, 2006 - MM North Texas State - private instruction, Texas
Thomas Bulmer, BA,  2006
Jennifer Dewes, BME, 2006 - Band director at Hawfields Middle School, Mebane, NC
Jimmy Rivers, BA 2006 - Manager, Rite Aid Corwallis, in Greensboro.
Caleb Brinkley, BM jazz 2006 - US Army.
Kristen Durrell, BME 
Kevin Cox, BM 2004
Allan Buccola, BM, 2004 - store manager, Starbucks Friendly Center.
Brad McMillan, BM, 2004 - Band Office director, UNCG
Crystal Medina, BME clarinet 2004 - Freelance musician, New York, NY.
Sara Phillips, BA oboe, 2003
Paul Loester, BME 2003
Stacy Wilson, BM 2003 - MM, DMA, Indiana University, Saxophonist in US West Point Band.
Johann Erikkson, BM 2002 - Director of Jazz, University of Montana.
Andrew Roberts, BM jazz 2002
Adam McCord, BM/BME 2002 - Saxophone teacher, Ohio Northern University.
Amy Trice, BME 2002 - works in family business
Damien Grosser, BME 2002
Edward DeLargy, BM 2001
Matthew Tanner, BM 2001 - US Army.
Kelly Fenton, BM 2000 - Elementary Music Teacher, New York, NY.
Andy Hubbartt, BA 2000
Aaron Burnett, BM 2000
Carrie Neal, BA 2000
Jeremy Wall, BM jazz 2000
Chris Butler, BA jazz
Michael Kinchen, BM jazz
Holly Lemmings, BM Oboe
Amy Thackston - current student at UNC Wilmington.

Current (15)
Lee Burgess, BME
Alanna Hawley, BM
Andrew Lovett, BME
Ben Crouch, DMA
Daniel Collins, BME
Nikki Trail, BME
Jairo Chavez, BME
Ben West, BME
Hunter Bockes, BME
Xin Gao, DMA
John Jepson, BM/BME
Bob Faub, DMA
Neil Ostercamp, DMA
Jason Wallace, DMA
Tyler Young, BM