Stusek and Zandmane

Stusek and Zandmane

Program offerings for 2014-2015

Duo Saxophones, w/Laurent Estoppey

PREMIERE REMIX new music for two saxophonists, electronics, video, dancers, poetry...and did I mention saxophones? Music by Marc Mellits, David Lang, Maurizio Guerandi, Kaspar Ewald, Mark Engebretson, Barry Cockcroft, Alex Kotch, Laurent Estoppey, Wei Dai, and Richard Powers.


COLLAPPS (Collective for Happy Sounds)
New and Improvised Music in unusual spaces. Poetry, video, and dance w/Laurent Estoppey, Nicholas Rich, Steve Landis, Corey Deham and Briana Taylor.

Saxophone with Piano
Steven Stusek, Saxophones
Inara Zandmane, Piano

THE NEXT THING  The cutting edge of saxophone repertoire. Solo saxophone, saxophone with electronics, pre-recorded sound, and video. Music by Thea Musgrave, Bob Pritchard, Mark Engebretson, Karen Tanaka, Fuminori Tanada, Christian Lauba.

ALL THAT JAZZ The saxophone has had a unique relationship with jazz since the beginning of the last century. This program presents classical music with roots deep in the jazz tradition. Music by Perry Goldstein, Jacob ter Veldhuis, Erwin Schullhoff, and Jean Matitia.

THE LYRIC SAXOPHONE The Saxophone is a soulful, voice-like instrument. This program will bring a smile to your face a nd a tear to your eye. Beautiful, singing music including works by Chopin, Gershwin, Piazzolla, Mahler, and Debussy!

TWO SAXOPHONES AND A PIANO Steve and Inara are joined by saxophone virtuoso Susan Fancher in an exploration of some of the newest music for two saxophones and piano. Includes works by Mark Engebretson, Don Freund, Reginald Bain and Katherine Murdock.

THE VIRTUOSIC SAXOPHONE An exciting collection of original works for saxophone that showcases the saxophone's virtuosic lyricism as well as its technical prowess and tonal variety. Includes works by Demersseman, Debussy, Swerts, Lauba, Garrop, Tanaka, and Tanada.

EARLY MUSIC FOR SAXOPHONE A stunningly beautiful collection of some of the earliest music for saxophone by French composers. Many of the works in this program were written for America’s first woman concert saxophonist, Elise Hall. Debussy, Ravel, d’Indy, Caplet, Demersseman.

THE ROMANTIC SAXOPHONE: BRAHMS TO THE BLUES With its nimble agility, extensive dynamic range and voice-like, soulful sonorities, the saxophone captures the essence of the romantic spirit. The Romantic Saxophone presents concert music that spotlights the instrument’s unique expressive qualities. Brahms, Milhaud, Gershwin and more!

WOMAN COMPOSERS Original music for saxophone by some of America and Europe’s most colorful, if not influential, composers of the 20th century. Elsa Barraine, Joan Tower, Thea Musgrave, Laura Karpman, Marilyn Shrude, Libby Larson, Karen Tanaka.

Saxophone with Accordion 
Otine van Erp, Accordion

DUTCH AMERICAN DELIGHT An enjoyable, tuneful, entertaining concert featuring popular arrangements of well known music, from American Pop to Film to Tango with Dutch music thrown in for fun. Works by Gershwin, Williams, Piazzolla, Ellington, among other.

THE FUTURE REVISITED: VISIONS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY A fascinating and historically relevant concert of what we thought the future of series classical music might "sound like". Well – I guess you will just have to hear this one! Music by Ives, Meijering, Stockhausen, Andriessen and others