Saxophone: Rampone & Cazzani R1 curved soprano, solid sterling silver w/ gold plate
Mouthpiece: Vandoren Optimum SL4
Ligature: Vandoren M/O
Reeds: Vandoren 3

Saxophone: Yamaha Custom YAS-875 EX2
Mouthpiece: Vandoren Optimum AL3 / Meyer 7 (Jazz) / Rousseau JDX
Vandoren A28 (for concerto performances)
Ligature: Vandoren M/O
Reeds: Vandoren 3

Saxophone: Yamaha Custom YTS-875
Mouthpiece: Vandoren Optimum TL4 / Vandoren T6 (Jazz)
Ligature: Vandoren M/O
Reeds: Vandoren 3

Saxophone: Yamaha YBS-62
Mouthpiece: Vandoren BL4 / Otto Link 6* (Jazz)
igature: Vandoren M/O
eeds: Vandoren 3

Saxophone: P. Mauriat L'aloutte
Mouthpiece: Vandoren
Ligature: P. Mauriat
Reeds: Vandoren Soprano 3

This instrument is new to me and my first experience with the P. Mauriat brand. I purchased it on the advice of Farrell Vernon, who plays much sopranino and has a very good recording exclusivley on sopranino saxophone. Farrell said that it was the best sopranino he has ever played. I have only played a few, but I can tell you that the workmanship on this instrument is simply exquisite! When I become more acquainted with it I will write a longer review, however, I feel very positive about the P. Mauriat sopranino.

Saxophone: International Woodwind 661
Mouthpiece: Vandoren BL4 baritone mouthpiece
Reeds: Vandoren 3

The 661 is a copy of the Selmer Series II bass and produced in China, but for less than half the price of the Selmer. I am very impressed with this instrument. The low range in particular (and lets face it, with bass, it's all about the low range) is clear and very free blowing, and the intonation is excellent. I would recommend this instrument to anyone, including Selmer players.