Rousseau Celebration

The Rousseau Celebration took place in October of 2008. That weekend more than 80 former students and colleagues converged in Greensboro, North Carolina, to celebrate Dr. Rousseau's legacy. Below you will find artifacts created for the weekend, including pictures of many of the concerts, letters from students, colleagues and friends, a recording of a Concerto written for the event honoring Dr. Rousseau, and the Rousseau Legacy Map, which includes most of Dr. Rousseau's students and where they are teaching o performing now. As of this writing, in 2014, Dr. Rousseau is still going strong at the age of 82. What an amazing and inspiring man!

View Celebration Photos 
Photos taken at the Celebration

View Rousseau Memories Photos 
Photos sent in by colleagues and former ER students.

View Rousseau Letter Book
A unique book created by Winston-Salem artist Kimberly Varnadoe especially for Dr. Rousseau. This work contains the c. 100 letters we received for ER from colleagues and students.

Listen to Kirk O'Riordan's Ductus figuratus 
his work was written by Kirk for the Celebration, and premiered by Kenneth Tse.

Rousseau Legacy Map 
A map listing all of ER's current and former students, schools they teach at, service bands they play in, and countries they live in. Beautiful!

Celebration Program

List of Rousseau Students (incomplete)