There are many scholarship possibilities for music/saxophone students at UNCG. Here are a few opportunities. NOTE: these are only the possibilities with which I am most familiar.

Undergraduate students:

-Performance Scholarship

School of Music: These can be $1000 to a maximum of $6000, and are awarded on the basis of your audition.

-Merit Scholarship

These are offered through the university, and range from $2500 to complete tuition, room, and board. To qualify to be considered you must generally present a minimum SAT score of 1800 or an ACT score of 27, and a minimum high school GPA of 3.5. Your application must be completed by December 1. If your file is complete you will automatically be considered for these.

Graduate students, Masters and DMA:

-Graduate Fellowships:

 These awards can be anywhere from $2500 to $3500 for masters students, and up to $26,000 for DMA students for the first year of study, and usually are converted into assistantships during the second year of study. The first (and best) chance to be considered for one of these awards is to have your materials, applications, and audition finished before Friday, February 10. To be considered for these awards you must take the GRE and have a score of 1200 or higher.

-Graduate Assistantships: These are awarded based on a combination of your audition, your various abilities, and school of music need. Please talk to Dr. Stusek about all of your extra-saxophone musical talents. Saxophonists have been awarded assistantships outside of the saxophone studio, such as in the jazz program, music theory or history, ethnomusicology, recording, etc. The saxophone studio assistantship is open for the Fall of 2014. Assistantships vary from degree to degree. I believe that current assistantships for DMA students are $9500/year, and may include in-state and/or out-of-state tuition waivers.