Forward to Rousseau Biography

FOREWORD to Thomas Liley's new biography "Eugene Rousseau: With Casual Brilliance" published by the North American Saxophone Alliance.

I remember the first time I met Dr. Rousseau. It was July 1976, the summer after my freshman year in high school. I was attending the Indianhead Center Jazz Camp in Shell Lake, Wisconsin the first saxophone class was about to begin. Dr. Rousseau breezed into the room,

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Playing Low Notes


Saxophonists spend much time and effort exploring the notes above the normal range of the saxophone, and a great many (good) words have been written and published about how to play them. Yet, very little information is available on a successful approach to the lower end of the Saxophone. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to play the lower notes; who hasn’t heard advice such as "drop your jaw," "brush the reed lightly with the tip of the tongue," or even "use a soft reed?" While these suggestions may appear to have some justification, without a deeper understanding of the elements of the saxophone sound producing mechanism, the above mentioned advice can be more

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First Altissimo

Even just a few years ago a saxophonist could get by with just the notes in the normal range of the saxophone. But today, most serious works for our instrument reach much higher. Although these notes used to be viewed as difficult to produce, saxophonists have been cooking long enough to have learned a thing or two about them. This recipe is for producing the first note in the extended range, high G, a note that is sure to be light, easy and delicious.

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